Herald of the Night

from by My Friend Other



A herald of the night
calls out like a crow
in a glittering suit
and a polished tenor
and steam comes from the pavement
the rain formed a comet
and people come out and scrounge
for ripped paper and the
promises that were written on it
they call him dangerous
they call him a ghost of a man
lock your doors and wrap your babies
they steal anything they can

How much of the black
comes from the receding clouds,
and how much is still bright?
St. Peter hangs the moon
as a lantern shining high
and closes up Heaven's door
for no one will die tonight
no one will die tonight

The midway rats and the scavengers
throw prose instead of coins
and where they land the words take root
and grow to flowers that girls can give to boys
They say a brave girl from town
kissed the barker one day and fell in love
that she foreswore all other men but he said
“sweet cherub, I’ve only left a trail
of broken hearts to follow
to find my way home again”
So with a tussle of his hair
And the corner of a smile,
the barker cries out
“You can count on excitement!
You can count on excitement!
Oh, you can…”
You can count on excitement
You can count on excitement


from The Tapir EP, released July 1, 2010



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My Friend Other New York

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