The Tapir EP

by My Friend Other

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(free) 03:16


released July 1, 2010



all rights reserved


My Friend Other New York

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Track Name: Herald of the Night
A herald of the night
calls out like a crow
in a glittering suit
and a polished tenor
and steam comes from the pavement
the rain formed a comet
and people come out and scrounge
for ripped paper and the
promises that were written on it
they call him dangerous
they call him a ghost of a man
lock your doors and wrap your babies
they steal anything they can

How much of the black
comes from the receding clouds,
and how much is still bright?
St. Peter hangs the moon
as a lantern shining high
and closes up Heaven's door
for no one will die tonight
no one will die tonight

The midway rats and the scavengers
throw prose instead of coins
and where they land the words take root
and grow to flowers that girls can give to boys
They say a brave girl from town
kissed the barker one day and fell in love
that she foreswore all other men but he said
“sweet cherub, I’ve only left a trail
of broken hearts to follow
to find my way home again”
So with a tussle of his hair
And the corner of a smile,
the barker cries out
“You can count on excitement!
You can count on excitement!
Oh, you can…”
You can count on excitement
You can count on excitement
Track Name: Pick It Up And Go
Here we are,
the streetlights blink with a steady song
the summer children all move along
and down the way there's a friendly
place to know
to practice words 'til they come and go
a story sent down from long ago
sirens in the watchful stars.

Night falling on the two now
see it through and through, now
pick it up and go
I'd follow if I knew how
see it through and through, now
pick it up and go

You might say
"the sweet tooth fairy just took along
the last remains of a growing song and
when awake there's a little
place to walk,
lie down low by the river rocks
slip away underneath the docks,
bury all that you want to keep.”
Track Name: Dog Outside Your Door
Holy moses, fortune chose us
we looked good in fourteen poses and
in the shrouded hours and days
we laughed at spy convention as we lay

Creased stomped stamped it ran the gambit
cracked and burst, we couldn't stand it,
in late 02 we shed our clothes
and washed our sins with rain, that's how it goes

Yes I wanted to be
just a dog outside your door
with a shuffle and wag
and jump to be adored
Oh, we look at the stars
so to dance under their gaze
and then fall like all relations in a daze

Holy moses, peace all closes
the battle pup dug up the roses
We heard words they whisper "rise"
though which we spoke with madness in our eyes

I would get up and go
but I don’t want to leave your arms
and I think we both know that separation does us harm
like I'm a big metal gear
and you're some spray so I don’t rust
or I crumble and erode like into dust
Track Name: Inventor
So, where does it come from?
Now how can I tell you
He bathed in blue and spiderwebs,
saved the view inside her head
the loss of dreaming, automatic evenings
darkly through a glass they look in
wonder how one day he won the world

Flashlights on the concrete,
today in every paper
we read that he never made a sound
drove a gentle boy from town
so latch the windows
as families take their rest and she said
this is how I like the house the best
when all I hear is nothingness
beyond your little village
he retreats and hides behind the peak
snowflakes in fire
stars he numbered burnt in galaxy

Afraid to be alone with himself now
he calls home
so afraid to be alone with himself now

Hillside the inventor
the weight of life upon him
connects the piece makes them glow
bring one so curious to know
the way to give of
the pulsing beat created
they want possess the lord and fear
of freaks in fortress in the naked night

So afraid to be alone with himself now
he calls home
so afraid to be alone with himself now
awake in the unknown life here

Are you there anymore?
on every shore?
Are you there anymore?
forever more?
Track Name: Kill The Ant
You could feel like a nothing
if you wake up and to work you crawl
and you could feel like a nothing
if other people were ten feet tall

And if ten were a hundred,
yeah! you could worry 'til your face turns blue
And if ten were a hundred,
yeah! you would have to think of things to do

So you're worried that you haven't grown
well, kid you ain't so alone,
everybody's not that important to lay dormant
1, 2,3 get known
If you're worried that you haven't grown,
at least you're not like an ant,
you can go into cars and drive them
or do dives in swimming pools
but they can't kill the ant, kill the ant

Well I know you've been tryin'
to get big and good and such,
but if you're lost in your sweater
then you would know that it's a little much

And if everyone around you
turns into a giant you would talk to loud
And if everyone around
turns into a giant you would have to shout
to be heard out loud

Underground the ants will build their cities up,
underground but you could flood them with a cup
and they carry big fat leaves upon their backs
industrious to the max!